What Kind of Doctor for Food Allergies?


Today we are featuring another popular reader question from our Facebook page. 

"Does anyone see an allergist for their dairy allergy? And do they actually help more than just advising against consuming milk?"

Yes, allergists are specialists and will help you learn much more about your allergy. At least a good one will, so make sure you find one that is knowledgeable and willing to educate you. Our allergist tests each year, knows our history, helps us make and adjust our allergy action plan, and takes my calls anytime we have an allergy or asthma issue. This help is empowering and can be life-saving. I highly recommend finding a good allergist to walk alongside you.

Here is what our readers said:

Loriel S 
Our daughter's allergist practiced as in pediatrics for 15 years before he went back to school and specialized in allergies and asthma. I look at it this way: I wouldn't go to a general surgeon for heart surgery...

Becky H 
Good question! We see ours in a few weeks for the first time and I often wondered this.

We have an amazing pediatrician and an amazing allergist. They both look after my daughters health in their own way. Find a good allergist and they will be so worth the extra visit. Milk is very hard to avoid and exposures can happen.

Kim B
My son does. Yes they advise, but he also does testing to watch levels of IGg which helps to determine if you are "out growing" the allergy. It is nice because they do have different food challenges depending on level of your dairy allergy. Just my opinion - but dairy is just one of many, so we do see him for all the allergies 
Mei S
Our allergist is great. She advises us what to avoid and what to look out for. Told us how to control a reaction. She didn't give us any false expectations (like when my child will "outgrow" his allergy). Also if we have any questions before our next visit, I can just email her in stead of setting a new appointment.

Bailey B
We see an allergist once a year after he gets his blood withdrawn to see if his dairy allergy number has decreased

Debbie M
I have been to 3 different allergist, and don't find them helpful at all. My son was diagnosed at 7 months and he is now 11 years old. I love our pediatrician. We do RAST testing every few years. I refuse to put my child through any more skin testing.

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