Milk-Free Find ~ Pascha Chocolate Bars

Well friends, my gig is up. Now you know what I spend my time doing at soccer games while cheering on my son. Eating chocolate, of course! It's good for stressful situations, I'm pretty sure.

I've been needing to share this amazing brand with you for quite some time. It's my 11-year-old son's favorite chocolate bar. I'm not sure if that's because it's twice the size of Enjoy Life or actually based on taste. 

But who cares. We've got dairy-free chocolate bar options for my anaphylactic milk allergy son, and that makes this mama very happy. Obviously, I indulge, too. 

I love that this brand is allergy-free, including no soy. 

We find these Pascha bars at Hy-Vee, County Market, our local health food store, and on Amazon. This is my son's favorite flavor and wow, the price really is good online! Guess I'm stocking up! You can never have enough chocolate. 

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