Kitchen Aid Homemade Bread {Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Soy-Free}

As an allergy mom, I know it can be very hard to find dairy-free and egg-free sandwich bread at the store. Add in needing something soy-free and you're pretty much out of luck. 

That's why I love this Basic White Bread recipe that came in my Kitchen Aid cookbook. 

And yes, I make this bread in my Kitchen Aid Mixer! It's already on my counter top and so versatile for mixing up our dairy-free and egg-free cookie dough, cake batter, and incredible cinnamon rolls

No need to drag out yet another kitchen appliance like a bread machine. The Kitchen Aid does so much!

The Kitchen Aid, with a dough hook, perfectly kneads the bread dough for me. All I really have to do is mix ingredients together, make sure the yeast happy, and be patient enough to wait for two rises. But that's it. This recipe is easy. 

To make this Basic White Bread allergy-friendly, use dairy-free butter, dairy-free milk, and soy-free butter. I used almond milk and buttery spread made by Melt.

The recipe makes two loaves so there's enough bread to last for days. Just store it in an airtight container or bag. 

Now put your Kitchen Aid to good use and make some homemade bread today!

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