Foods Packaged and Sprayed with Milk Protein Casein?

Thanks to our helpful readers, it was brought to our attention that the USDA and American Chemical Society (ACS) have been working on a plastic replacement that may cause concern for milk allergy families. And according to an ACS article, it could hit markets within three years.

This alternative plastic prototype is being made from casein, a milk protein. 

Even more alarming is that this product would be used specifically for food packaging and food preservation. 

Add to this, an August 2016 press conference with the developers revealed that they are testing casein as a preservative spray for foods like cereal.

According to Food Allergy & Research Education, milk is the most common food allergy in infants and young children so I know many families will want to know more about this product made with casein. 

Pressing Questions From Our Readers

1. Has this product been proven safe for milk allergies?

2. Will the casein be used on products that are otherwise dairy-free?

3. Would the foods wrapped or sprayed in casein be labeled as containing milk allergen?

I Have Made Some Inquiries

1. I called my Congressman and am in the process of having his office make an inquiry for more information from the USDA.  

2. I also left a message at the American Chemical Society for more information, and am waiting for a call back. 

We Will Keep Our Readers Posted

As soon as we have further information from these sources, we will let you know. The best way to get our updates is through our email list

Feel free to share your thoughts and concerns in a comment below. We would love to include you in this important discussion.

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