How to Do A Classical Conversations Review Carnival

Each January, my Classical Conversations Campus enjoys a very productive, fun, simple, and organized Review Carnival the week before second semester starts. This is a great way to get the students caught up and on track half way through the school year and is actually a great launching point for potential memory masters!

Here are helpful steps for putting on a review carnival. 

1. Put the event on your calendar before the school year even starts so parents can pencil it in.

2. Two weeks before the event, email parents for RSVP's. Invite dads and all students. 

3. If there are enough parent volunteers to cover the proofing stations, put 1-2 in the childcare room. Or find a childcare volunteer if need be.

4. Print station signs to put at each station. Also make sure you have a bell to ring for rotating stations.

5. Put together simple goody bags to hand out at the end of the event. I like to do a couple organic suckers along with stickers and maybe a coupon to a local business. I've gotten ferris wheel rides donated by Scheels before. 

6. Plan to pick up a dozen helium balloons the day of the event. Balloons make everything fun. 

7. Pray about and talk to parents about what subject they are comfortable proofing. 

8. Pray about the student teams you need to assign. 

9. Send out an email like this one to participating parents one week before the event with an urgent subject like like, "PLEASE READ ASAP! IMPORTANT CARNIVAL INFO".

Dear Parents, 

Our anticipated Review Carnival is next week, and it's going to be a blast! Please read all these details below so you know how it works and so you can best prepare. I assigned every parent a role in helping make this go as smoothly as possible. 

Children's Experience
The main goal is to give the children practice in how Memory Master proofing works. They will be grouped up and will rotate between 9 stations.

The proofiing will happen first at each station. The kids may or may not know the answers. They have partners to help make the experience as easy as possible. And at the end of proofing each station, they will get to play a quick game as a reward for participating and trying. 

The hour and a half of proofing stations goes very quickly. The kids like the pace and the games a lot. They don't get bored, that's for sure!

12:45-1:00 Set Up (parents set up their stations)
1:00-1:10 Opening Session (instructions for children)
1:10-2:45 Proofing and Games
2:45-3:00 Group Limbo, Photo Booth, and Goody Bags

Parent Proofing
I'm pairing two parents at many stations so one can quiz and one can mark sheets. Each parent will have just one subject to work in. Parents bring your own proofing questions and answers like foundations guides, flash cards, or written out. Parents proof first, then offer a game as a reward for trying. Please plan your own game. If you have a partner, contact them to coordinate your game. Each group will be in your room for approximately 10 minutes. I ring the bell at each rotation time and give 30 seconds for the kids to move to the next station. Please get to proofing right away when students enter your station. 

Here is a link to the proofing sheets each child will have and carry with them. You can print and practice at home if you'd like.

Mark proofing sheets with a CHECK if they knew it, even with prompting. And mark with a SMILEY FACE if they tried. 

Prompting is ok with most of the students if they aren't seriously practicing for memory master. If your child IS really working for memory master, have them tell each proofer that they don't want prompts as those aren't allowed in real MM testing. It will be good practice for aspiring memory masters.

The kids will not be taking turns answering and you aren't quizzing them individually. They will answer together as a group.

But we will be marking proofing sheets based on individual performance within the group. It's a little tricky, that's for sure. But we did manage better than expected last year. It's not going to be 100% accurate of course, but what we did manage on marking the sheets was still a huge help to the parents and students. 

Here are some helpful tips. If one child chimed in the answer while the others didn't, mark one check and two smileys. If they all jumped in and answered, give them all checks. If one knew the answer, but the others did too only because their friend helped them along, give them all checks. Knowing the answer with prompting is perfectly fine for most of our young students. 

If the few who are really trying for Memory Master want more serious and accurate markings, that's fine, too. Parents, just make sure they are telling the proofers they want marked individually and accurately as possible for MM practice. 

Station and Subject Assignments
1. Timeline (2 moms)
2. Presidents (1 mom)
3. Geography (2 moms)
4. English (2 moms or dads)
5. Math (2 moms)
6. History (2 moms or dads)
7. Science (2 moms or dads)
8. Latin (2 moms)
9. Fun Room (2 moms or dads)

Childcare (2 moms or volunteers)
Timer, bell, and rotation supervisor (director)

These should be quick, easy games that can be put down quickly to rotate. Again, they should be used as a reward to be done after quizzing. 

Ideas include magnet fishing, nerf and target, bean bag toss, washers, bucket ball toss, potato sack race, balancing a plastic ball on a spoon, etc. It doesn't have to be elaborate. But something physical is good. Even a crab crawl race and standing on their heads as long as possible are great contests that don't require any supplies.

Feel free to use items in the church for games. Just put them back when you're done.

Please respond back letting us know your game so we don't have duplicates.

CC Younger Siblings to 4-Year-Old's
We have a childcare volunteer to watch the youngers in Tina's classroom. They will not rotate or proof. This will be a great time for them to meet each other for possibly starting CC next year!

CC Student Groups 
Here are the assigned groups of 2-3 students with varying ages and abilities within each group. Often there is one aspiring Memory Master in each set. I prayed over these pairings, and trust they will work out well. 

At the end, we will all meet in the assembly room for one big game of limbo to one of our CC songs. Then I will hand out goody bags when the children show me their proof sheets and the kids are free to get pictures together in Tina's classroom with our props. It's a photo booth of sorts and moms just take pictures with their phones. If you have props, feel free to bring them

Parents just clean up your own station and game and that should be the extent of our clean-up. I will check bathrooms and do final checks. And make sure your kiddos go home with their proofing sheets to look over with you later. 

Proofing Practice Tips
Science - ask the question and students give the list. 

English - 

Latin - 

Timeline - Most kids will sing it. Dates are not part of MM and need not be perfect. Order of the events is what we are going for.

Presidents - This has not been introduced yet. It's week 24 in Timeline. But it's part of MM every year. You can find the song on your CD's. It will be good review for students who were in CC last year, but it will only be an introduction to new students at that station. They will listen to the song and look at the pictures of the Presidents to go along with it. And earn smiley faces. It's a lot to learn in one week on week 24 so I thought an early intro would not hurt. 

Math - Students who are 10 as of January say the times tables. The others just sing the skip counting songs. The two proofers in this room will want to divide and conquer on this one, separating the skip counting and time tables students. 

History - Singing the songs is perfectly fine. 

Geography - Parent points to location and student names place. Or parent names place and student points to it. Memorizing the list of places with the heading is not part of MM. Students need not know anything about the headings on the geography cards. This is a very time consuming station. Just do the best you can. Letting students point is usually fastest.

Please refer to the Memory Master Guide for more info on how to proof the subjects. If you have any questions, just let me know. The goal is to proof like it's memory master. Singing is ok.

Thank You for Serving!
Thanks to all for helping make this fun event happen! 

I pray this helps you put on a wonderful Review Carnival for your own campus. If you have any questions, just leave a comment on this post and I will answer. 

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