3 Free Knife Lesson Videos for Kids

Hey friends, today I've got something that I know is important to you all. Whether you're a home school family, a food allergy family, or simply have children in your home...getting your kids in the kitchen is something that's probably been in the back of your mind for awhile now. I know it's been in mine.

Children helping in the kitchen has too many benefits to not pause, consider, and take action...so read on. 

4 Reasons For Children to Help in the Kitchen

One, getting kids in the kitchen at an early age benefits the health of the children. I didn't even know how to boil a pot of noodles when I graduated from college. And guess who quickly gained that freshman 15, had to get on acid blockers by her senior year, and who's gallbladder shut down after two pregnancies? I blame most of this on not knowing how to prepare healthy foods for myself when I left home. I don't want this for my kids.

Two, food allergy children especially need to know how to prepare safe foods for themselves...the sooner, the better. If you're a food allergy parent, you know how debilitating it can be to imagine your food allergy child leaving home and trying to fend for themselves. Nothing is more important than teaching them to advocate AND cook at a young age. I'm certain these classes are going to pay incredible dividends for our food allergy journey.

Three, home school families can use the extra time they spend in the kitchen as more learning time together. You're going to be in the kitchen making three meals PLUS snacks on most days, so why not count it as home ec?! The life-skills learning I did with my boys during our monetessori preschool time at home was so fun. No need to stop this important skill-building at elementary age, I'm ready to bring things up a notch. 

Four, having kids take responsibility in the kitchen frees up a lot of time for us moms in the long run. And free time for mom equates to time for so many other special things: Bible study, caring for neighbors, sending notes to friends, keeping an organized planner, an old hobby we want to pick back up, more time with our husbands, and yes...quality time with our kids! So many of these are my goals for 2017, I just didn't know a kid cooking curriculum would help me meet them. Sweet!

Kitchen Stewardship is Offering Kid Cooking Lessons

I met Katie, founder of Kitchen Stewardship, at a blogging conference this past fall. She's a former teacher who has incredible attention to detail, and knows how to teach! That's how she's put together a very successful cooking curriculum for kids, complete with video and printables. Her full curriculum has different paid levels to included as many families as possible. But she kindly offers a test-drive for free with no obligation. And the free part is one of the most important elements from the curriculum. Using knives!

3 Free Knife Lessons for Kids Ends January 18th

Before our second semester begins full force, I have started the free knife skills course with my boys. When they saw me watching the parent video and asked if they could take the class, how could I say no?! 

Funny story, I freaked Katie out with my apple cutting technique when we were staying together this past fall. Apparently, I need this free course, too!

Katie's free Knife Skills Course ends January 18, 2017. So you will want to sign up today like I did. 

Optional Full Kids Cooking Curriculum for Purchase

The free Knife Course is just one of the cooking courses Katie has to offer. The rest are paid lessons, but there is no obligation when you sign up for her free knife course.

The full, paid curriculum is being offered through January 18, 2017 so we will need to decide by then if we are going to dive in!

I am certain we will be taking the rest of the courses offered by Katie at Kitchen Stewardship. My husband would love to join us for these life-skills, allergy-important, curriculum-counting, more-time-for-mom lessons. And having dad involved will be such a treat!

Once purchased by January 18, there's no time crunch to get the lessons done. We will have indefinite access to the videos and printables. Thank goodness!

If my family can't get it done this semester, there's always summer, right?!  

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