Steak House Bacon Ranch Cheese Fries {Dairy-Free}

Man, there are a lot of things I DON'T miss about eating out...trans fat, big portions, long waits. But there is something I miss since food allergies changed our eating out habits. 

Bacon Ranch Cheese Fries. 

Who's with me on this?

It's the best appetizer ever, my favorite at just about any steakhouse. 

But over the past decade my hubby and I have only occasionally been able to indulge. Babysitters we trust are rare, and date nights just don't happen often enough. We are working on that!

I'm here to report, though, a big change in our house. One that is putting smiles on all the faces these days. 

Bacon Ranch Cheese Fries made right here at home, right here in our dairy-allergy house! And we are eating these together, as a family. Dipping our little hearts out. It's awesome!

Once Daiya's ranch dressing came on scene, it was game on. We've always liked Daiya's cheddar shreds in moderation, and both these products together are what make this dish come together, dairy-free and delicious. 

The fries we use are Ore Rida. Be sure to check labels. 

Simply bake the fries and cook up the bacon. When the fries are done, put together a plate and melt cheese on top with crumbled up cooked bacon. Dip in ranch dressing.

We will be making these regularly in our home. Yummo!

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