Milk-Free Find ~ Ranch & Blue Cheese Dressing by Daiya

Dairy-free RANCH and BLUE CHEESE dressing?! This seemed to be too good to be true when I walked into the health food store recently. We have been eleven years in waiting for this miracle at my house so of course I had to grab both. 

Turns out Daiya also makes dairy-free Caesar dressing, as well.

We have made so many delicious dishes with these dressings, and my ranch-loving husband thinks they are right on par with the real thing. 

Miles recently enjoyed bacon cheese fries with ranch dressing, and my heart about melted into a puddle as he savored and raved over that new dish. He's also had the blue cheese on his favorite black bean burger and both dressings on salad. These are the perfect dip for fresh veggies, too

The ranch dressing will make an amazing cold veggie pizza. I can't wait to make this next.  

Seriously, I almost forgot we had food allergies. 

You definitely need to get your hands on these amazing products. Here they are on Amazon

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We use affiliate links at no extra cost to you. 
Thanks for supporting our free content.


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