Milk-Free Find ~ Pascha White Chocolate

Hey, hey, hey! It's another dairy-free miracle. A total food allergy miracle. Uh-maze balls!

I know at least milk allergy moms are always asking for safe white chocolate. But even peanut, nut, wheat, egg, and soy allergy families can enjoy these! Also gluten-free. And organic, woohoo!

I found these at our local health market, but sadly don't see them on Amazon yet. 

These aren't super sweet, and I don't want to eat them plain. But I plan to use them for some treats that I've never been able to make before. Cake balls. Monster cookies. Dipped pretzels. Peppermint bark!

If you can't find these locally, try No Whey Milkless Polar Dream White Chocolate Bars on Amazon. We like those as well. They can be melted down or broken into smaller pieces, and are also best when mixed in with a special treat.

What would YOU make with dairy-free white chocolate chips?!  :) 

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