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As allergy moms, we know that avoiding allergens in beauty products is just as important as avoiding them in food. Add to that, I am really shying away from toxic chemicals in products as well. Finding allergy-safe AND toxin-free products can be a little tricky, no doubt! So that's why I was thrilled to have a sweet allergy mom contact me about Beauty Counter. 

Elizabeth is a fellow milk allergy mom and consultant for Beauty Counter. She kindly sent me products (for this sponsored post) that I was searching for: moisturizer, eye shadow, and a mask most notably. So far I love them all. I like that nothing has a strong smell or gives me asthma. The light citrus smell of the moisturizer is quite pleasant and has been very nourishing to my dry skin.

At the end of this post, Elizabeth has some exciting offers for our readers! 

Beauty Counter Ingredients

The Beauty Counter website and FAQ page is incredibly thorough at explaining ingredients so its very easy to research before buying. From what I'm seeing, the products are free of milk and egg. Some contain almond oil, and all those products are listed on their site. In addition, most of the products contain soy of some kind. 

The ingredients are a lot of natural, organic when possible, and a little synthetic when needed. Beauty Counter claims all their ingredients serve a purpose and ingredients are all disclosed on the site. Thankfully, we can make very well informed decisions on each Beauty Counter product. 

This page on the website is very helpful for food allergy families, too. Beauty Counter Ingredient Glossary.

Because my son has an anaphylactic nut allergy, I plan to only use the products for myself. But he drinks almond milk and almond is the nut in some Beauty Counter. So I think we will be fine with my using it. 

But here is Elizabeth, our fellow allergy mom, to share how Beauty Counter has helped her whole food allergy family.

Elizabeth's Story

"I am a milk allergy mom to a 5 year old daughter, and an apparently non-allergic two-year-old daughter. Our oldest also has asthma and eczema, and is touch sensitive to a host of unknown irritants that proved problematic when trying to find products for her. I searched for over two years for safe products, and the best I found was one that only gave her a "slight" rash.  

While that wasn't good enough for me, it was the best I could do. And because I already knew I wanted products with the least amount of chemicals, my options were extremely limited. I was introduced to Beauty Counter by a friend in California, and I was beyond skeptical. I had tried too many products already so I didn't even want to bother.  

Thankfully, she persisted and sent me a sample of the Kids Collection. I used it on both my girls for about a week and not one rash, not a single tiny one! I immediately ordered the Kids Collection and then a few products for myself. I was in love. My skin felt great, my girls' skin was smooth and clear! It was funny because I wasn't the only one to notice; another friend saw pictures of my oldest on Facebook and was astonished how CLEAR her skin looked!!! 

My oldest did have a slight reaction to one of the adult lotions, so we just continued using the Kids Collection with no lotion. When the Baby Collection launched, I purchased it and nervously tried the balm and oil on her. She had no reaction at all and was more excited than I was. She said, "Now I have lotion that is safe just like you!". This of course brought me to tears because I desperately want her to have safe products like all other kiddos; not just safe from her allergens but safe from harmful chemicals too.  

So now I love to share Beauty Counter with others, especially those of us who fight constant battles to keep our kiddos safe. I hope you will love the products as much as we do!

How to Order & December 2016 Discounts!

Kindly, Elizabeth is offering fantastic discounts to Milk Allergy Mom readers this month.

  • 10% off $100 customer orders
  • Waived membership fee ($35 value) if you sign up with a $100 order

Elizabeth can be found on Facebook. Be sure to like her page for important updates on this product, and you can message her there with questions.

And here is Elizabeth's website where you can connect with her as well, and look up products. 

 I hope this information is helpful to you!

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