Kids Can Clean When You Cut Chemicals

I recently got an email from a fellow home school mom inquiring about cleaning without chemicals. 

Here's the note:

"I wanted to revamp the way we are cleaning our house when we clean. Right now my house is in shambles between six kids, homeschooling, and ministry at church.  
I saw a lot of the products you are selling, but am not quite sure how best to bundle them to make a good starter kit. I want to start from ground zero.

We need a cleaner house for my own sanity. And I figure if I can use some of your products, I can engage some of my younger kids to help since the products are non-toxic.

Any direction you can provide would be greatly appreciated!"

You got it!

From toddlers to teens, yes, kids can help clean kitchens, bathrooms, mirrors, windows, and furniture. And when kids clean with e-cloths, they are safe from harmful toxins plus have the gratification of a job well done. E-cloths are safe, easy, and effective. In fact, they are scientifically proven to clean better than bleach and paper towels.

Add to this, e-cloth cleaning is incredibly affordable. My must-have list of e-cloths kids can use runs just under $50, and we ship for free. By using e-cloth and teaching your children to help, you will free up so much time and money that you may even consider starting or increasing your children's allowance. That's what we recently did after giving our boys a daily cleaning chart. 

Non-Toxic Cleaning For Kids Under $50

Literally, you can spend under $50 for years of toxin-free cleaning your kids can help with. No more re-buying consumable cleaners and paper towels. Our cloths are reusable for at least a couple years when you wash them once a week. This is tremendous value! 

General Purpose Cloths $19.99
I think these are best used in the kitchen, and this is the best value pack year-round. Four will be plenty as you rotate 1-2 at a time for sanitizing kitchen surfaces and even wiping walls and floors.

Bathroom Cloth $5.99
This cloth is more plush than a General Purpose Cloth, and sops up loads of water when cleaning the sink, tub, and around the toilet in a bathroom. 

Window Pack $14.99
This is hands down the best glass cleaning you will ever experience. And yes, even your kids will rock this chore!

High Performance Dusting Cloth $7.99
Even those with severe dust allergies will find it comfortable to dust with this cloth because it's a total dust magnet. It offers eight clean sides when you fold it into fourths, and the kids will do great.

The Best Add-On's 
For tough jobs when water isn't enough, non-toxic, all-purpose Universal Stone Cleaner is the answer. This can be used for stains, rust, build-up, and more. It's a little pricey but lasts literally for years!

This leaves us needing just one more cleaner...toilet bowl. I plan to purchase Thieves Essential Oil Blend soon for this un-fun job. And my kids should thank me because I take this job for the team.

Start Your Chemical-Free Journey

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I hope this helps start your journey to cutting chemicals and toxins in your home, getting your family members involved in daily cleaning and teaching your children responsibility, and finding YOU more time and energy in your day!

Let me know if you have any questions!

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