Gift Ideas for Food Allergy Moms

Dear Allergy Mom, 

It's Christmas time. I know you are thinking about a hundred things to make the holiday as safe and normal for your family as possible. Perhaps you are even pouring over our Holiday Guide for Food Allergy Families as we speak.

But have you sat down to think about what you might want or need this holiday season? I bet not!

My son asked me recently, "Mom, what do you want besides a trip to Disney and a housekeeper?" Are those the best ideas I've given him so far? Yikes! I'm in big trouble...because I'm pretty sure I'm not getting either.

My kiddo needs some practical ideas for what to get Mom. And I bet your family still needs some suggestions for you, too!

As I started coming up with a list of ideas for myself, I thought it would be fun to share them with you...just in case you're stumped. 

I've also added some things received in years past because they are much loved, make my life easier and less stressful, and make me happy!

And hey, I think you should send this onto your family. Tell them I told you to. :) 

Some of these include affiliate links at no extra cost to the buyer. 

Gift Ideas for Food Allergy Moms

1. Amazon Prime Membership 
Moms want the convenience of reading labels and purchasing allergy-safe food online, getting free shipping, and having food delivered right to her door. Not to mention, she can relax and unwind to free shows streamed through Amazon Prime! 

2. Lavender Oil
Put a drop of lavender oil in hand and rub on pillows and sheets. Reduces stress and facilitates good sleep.

3. Essential Oil Diffuser
Essential oils can be used without a diffuser, but I love mine so much that I have two! Great for putting by beds when kids are sick or by my bed when I need some extra lavender in my life. 

4. Le Creuset Mug
Tea and coffee taste best when sipped from colorful, French stoneware! I may own six different colors. Start and end each day with cheerful colors and happy thoughts...and your favorite drink, of course.

5. Dairy-Free Truffles
I know these are pricey, but imagine an allergy kiddo asking for a piece and being able to say "yes"! All moms deserve a chance to share chocolate with their child. So glad these are an option.

6. Life Planner
Any mom would love getting more organized with a beautiful paper planner. It can even be customized with her name! Great for schedules, meal plans, journaling, and so much more. With all the blank space, she's sure to be able to make it what she wants.

7. Kitchen Tools
I know we are getting practical here, but honestly my best presents each year are items that make my life in the kitchen easier and faster. Here are the tools I can't live without: Enameled Cast Iron Dutch OvenGlass French Coffee PressKitchen Aid MixerRefurbished Vitamix, Toaster Oven, and Electric Tea Kettle.

8. Schwinn Elliptical Machine 
Since allergy moms need to work off extra stress and can barely get time alone to hit the gym, this economical and affordable exercise machine may be just what she needs. For the cost of a few gym memberships, this is the route to go! I've had mine 7 years and love it.

9. Allergic Living Magazine
Help mom stay up on the latest allergy news with this magazine made just for her. She can read it while on her elliptical machine! 

10. Luxury Bath Towel
Mom might also like reading her new magazine in a warm, relaxing bath. These luxury towels are so plush and non-drying to the skin. Great for dry winter months and kiddos with eczema...she may be sharing it!

What would you add to this list? Leave a comment and let us know! 


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