C-Sections, Allergies, & Asthma

The latest issue of Allergic Living explores a topic I know a lot of you have wondered about. Do cesarean sections cause allergies & asthma?

Personally, both my sons were c-sections. My allergic son was my first-born, and we both would have died if it weren't for the emergency c-section. So I guess the trade-off, if c-sections really do contribute, was a good one. So glad my boy and I are here today! But my second son was scheduled based on doctor recommendation. And he has no allergies. 

I think it's still a good discussion, and I'm glad studies are being done. We would all like to know possible contributing factors. 

Head over to Allergic Living to read the article. And think about subscribing to their hard copy issues!

Photo Credit: Allergic Living

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