How to Organize and Manage your E-Cloth Stash

This is a guest post from Anastasia. She blogs at and is an e-cloth fan. We appreciate her write-up!

Are you interested in using e-Cloth to clean your home but afraid of it being too much hassle? 

You might be asking yourself: How do you store them between uses? How can they be easier than using store bought cleaners? How do you store them once they're ready to be washed but you don't have a full load? Is e-cloth really all the practical? 

I had the same thoughts and questions when I was considering e-cloth. I am a busy homeschool mama with a lot on my plate. Did I really have time for e-cloth? I wanted a healthier cleaning option, but was it worth all the extra work? 

Yes, yes and yes! 

Using e-cloth every day is actually much easier than you would think. Despite washing them once a week, cleaning with e-cloth will still save you time in the end because it is faster. You might be shocked that there really isn't much hassle when it comes to using e-cloth.

Use Command Hooks


These hooks will become your new best friend. You won't use these cloths if they aren't nearby and easy to grab. So make them easy to get. 

Use Hooks Inside Cabinets


I placed my kitchen cloths inside my cleaning cabinet doors. Two on each. I can easily grab a cloth, wet it and wipe. I then rinse them and hand them back on their hook to dry. There, they are ready for the next use.

I was test driving e-cloth and still kept my beloved Lysol spray for two whole weeks. After that I was completely convinced and threw it away. E-cloth truly is easier and healthier. 

Use Hooks Outside Cabinets


I also placed two hooks on my vanity. You can't spot them if you are taking a quick peek in the bathroom, otherwise I would've again placed them inside the cabinet door like I did in the kitchen. 

You can even use these hooks in your shower and hang a general purpose cloth (or shower cloth) in there to clean while showering! It doesn't get much easier than that.

Use a Mop Bucket for Dirty Cloths


When I'm cleaning the kitchen or bathroom, I just grab my bucket to toss e-cloths into. No icky cloths on the floor and no running back and forth from the washer. This is how to store cloths before washing them. 

If I've had a messy kitchen day and find that I've used my general purpose cloths a lot, I simply toss them into the bucket to be washed. I store my bucket in my laundry room.

Use a Carry Tote for Clean Cloths


Since I do use toilet bowl cleaner and have extra general purpose cloths, I store them all in a cleaning bucket. This way I can keep them all together in one place but also easily carry the bucket from one room to the next in case I need extras. 

That's it! Once I started managing my e-cloth like this, it's become the easiest cleaning method I've ever used. There's no going back. 

If you are on the fence about e-cloth because you're afraid it's too complicated, I challenge you to try them for a few weeks with these tips. I'm sure you will be convinced how easy it really is.

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