Nice 'n CLEAN Wipes for Holiday Shopping

Hey allergy moms, I dedicate this post sponsored by Nice 'n CLEAN to all my fellow germophobes out there. You know who you are.

I've been anxious to write this ever since our last post in October. Because while Nice 'n CLEAN Antibacterial Hand Wipes have been wonderful for fall celebrations, I almost think they are more amazing for holiday shopping! Because well...I shop more than I celebrate, I guess. 

I'm a self-proclaimed germaphobe, and there's almost nothing worse than grabbing a bacteria-laden shopping cart as you enter a store. Kudos to places that provide wipes at the door, but during the holidays I find that many times they have run out. Or how about stores that don't offer free wipes? What's a girl to do then?

A girl is to have these hand wipes in her stash, in her purse, on her body at all times while out in public. That's what.

These packs of Nice ' CLEAN Antibacterial Hand Wipes are seriously the size of travel tissues, and will absolutely be stocked in my purse all winter long. Bring on the shopping carts! 

The last thing I need is a cold or flu in the middle of this busy season. Not to mention, don't people like pick their noses and stuff? So happy to have these convenient wipes in my arsenal because Nice 'n CLEAN Antibacterial Hand Wipes actually kill 99.9% of germs. 

As a bonus, Nice 'n CLEAN Antibacterial Hand Wipes are proven to remove 99% of peanut proteins on hard surfaces, too!

Nice 'n CLEAN is actually an exclusive wet wipe sponsor and proud supporter of Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE). Together, Nice 'n CLEAN and FARE are working to raise awareness around ways families can help protect their loved ones from food allergens no matter where they are.

One percent of all purchases of Nice 'n CLEAN Antibacterial Hand Wipes are also donated to FARE to help advance their education and advocacy work in communities across the country.

You can purchase these wet wipes at CVS, HEB Supermarkets, Harmon, Family Dollar, and other major food, drug, and discount stores. To learn more about Nice 'n CLEAN's full range of high quality wet wipe products for your whole family, visit their website

This is a sponsored post and all opinions are my own. 


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