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I know food allergies can be overwhelming. But after eleven years in the trenches, I also know you can find happiness in this journey. 

Here at Milk Allergy Mom, we love sharing simple ideas for less stress and more confidence. 

Our food allergy community is one of the most supportive, encouraging, and helpful you will find on the web.

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And if you'd like to stay and hang out awhile longer, here's what you'll find on our blog.

Everyday Life with Food Allergies 
I share our food allergy life so you know you are not alone in the up's and down's of keeping a child safe from anaphylaxis and food allergies.

Dairy-Free Recipes 

I am not a gourmet cook, foodie, or professional photographer. I'm just a mom in the kitchen, adapting recipes to make them easy, delicious, and allergy-friendly

Dairy-Free Processed Food Finds 

Because sometimes watching our food allergy kids enjoy a Poptart or Oreo just feels good, we let you know what mainstream treats we are enjoying

Dairy-Free Specialty Foods 

I'm frugal, but not frugal enough not to splurge on the higher priced, dairy-free cheeses, yogurts, chocolate, candy, and packaged cookies that my son can safely eat. I do like to scour for deals, though, and I share those!

Baby Steps to More Healthy Living 

Somehow food allergies causes one to naturally take baby steps toward more healthy eating and living. For instance, we have cut most chemicals from our home for allergies, asthma, and eczema, and we sometimes share about safe products like e-cloth for cleaning.

Creativity, Organizing, Schooling 
These are some other areas that I sometimes blog about because I pour my heart into them and they help keep my life balanced. Hopefully you will be inspired in some way.


Reader Testimonies

"I appreciate all the help you offer on your site. We had our first bout of anaphylaxis almost a year ago, and I was kind of a mess as we tried to figure out our new life balance. Then one night as I was up late researching food allergies, I came across your website. What an answer to prayer! I read and read, and felt so much peace. Your site is such a safe landing place for moms and families who are dealing with food allergies. Thank you for empowering us with knowledge and for the amazing support you offer." Angie

"When my son was first diagnosed with his food allergies, I was so overwhelmed. Your blog was the starting point of my sanity and gave me the strength to face his allergies in the beginning. I used many, many of your recipes." Misty S.

"All I can say is THANK YOU! We found out my son was allergic to milk and eggs when he was 12 months old. The first year of his life was honestly horrible. Not exaggerating! Suffice to say he did not have a birthday cake for his first birthday. I then spent the second year of his life trying to do all I could to feed my picky eater while avoiding milk and eggs and trying to get over the guilt that I may have done something to cause this in my boy. He is now 2 years old. I am so grateful to you for everything you post. I am not alone!!!! I made your chocolate wacky cake for his 2nd birthday...which he ate and loved. All I can say is thank you! NOT ALONE." Anonymous

"Wanted to thank you for your help and support. I am finding this new journey is not as scary with your support. I also am finding some of the suggested products in local stores. Thanks again." Judith H.

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