Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party ~ Food Allergy Safe

Oftentimes people ask how to do allergy-safe birthday parties, and since I have a "few" under my belt...I thought I would share one of our favorites. The outdoor scavenger hunt.

For my son's fifth birthday a few years ago, we celebrated with about 8 families and over a dozen kids. And everything turned out safe and fun.

We simply served juice, water, and cupcakes and the children went home with treasures of trinkets and candy. The event was held at a quiet public park that we used for free so the whole thing only cost about $50. 

For the invites, I sent out a hand-drawn map and painted an "X" on the park location with invisible ink: a mixture of baking soda and water. Invitees had to put the maps up to a hot light bulb to get the secret X to appear and to know where the party would be.

I was pretty certain we'd be the only ones at this certain park, and that's great for food allergy safety. And with acres of green space to run in, it was a perfect treasure hunt location as well. 

The kids used this hand-drawn list to know where to find their treasures. At each spot was a basket filled with safe candy and a couple trinkets. They were sent off in pairs, with adult help, to start hunting.

Dum Dum Suckers
Glow Bracelets
Baggy of New Shiny Pennies
Fruit Snacks
Fruit Leathers

I made my Dairy-Free & Egg-Free- Cupcakes that nobody could tell were allergy-free. Rave reviews every time. 

The kids had a blast hunting for their treasures and putting them into their treasure boxes. And the playground kept them entertained the rest of the time while we adults enjoyed some shade and conversation. 

Food allergies certainly don't have to stop you from hosting a fun, memorable party. And it can be done affordably. Hope this inspires you for your next safe, allergy-free birthday!

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