Scarecrow Crunch {Dairy-Free}

Admittedly, I spent our first food allergy years quite jealous of those who could enjoy a fun fall mix such as this. Scarecrow Crunch? With a cute name like that, shouldn't everyone get to partake? 

But ya know what, eventually food allergy moms figure out how to make everything. EVERYTHING, I tell ya. Well, almost everything...

And while there are lots of variations for scarecrow crunch, this is one of my favorites. Popcorn is the best and we just found an awesome brand! Skinny Pop. 

For the candy corn, there is a dairy-free option with eggs or without eggs

And for pretzels, we used Syder's of Hanover. 

I think the sweetened popcorn and the candy corn together taste like popcorn balls. The pretzels are just for good measure because all good trail mixes must have at least 3 ingredients. 

If you'd like a chocolate element, try Cocoa Puffs cereal.

We put this out in a big bowl for guests, but it would make an adorable teacher gift in ball jars as well. 

Be sure to check ALL labels as ingredients can change or what works for us may not work for you. 

Happy fall, ya'll!



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