Packaged Snacks at Disney World {Dairy-Free}

As you may know, our 11-year dairy allergic son recently ate in Disney restaurants with much success. His first time eating out, and the joy cannot even be fully described. The chefs are amazing.

In addition, he enjoyed his first fast-food experience at a Disney quick service location. A moment we will cherish forever, seriously.

But now it's time to talk about snacks. Specifically, labeled and pre-packaged snacks at Disney.

I was a on a mission, friends. A mission to bring back every single potentially dairy-free treat I could find to show you. And it's most all in the collage you see above.

Honestly, we didn't try most of these treats because we frugally packed our own and carried them in backpacks. Literally, we only bought Miles an Enjoy Life candy bar and a couple sodas during our three days in the parks. Self-control, I know! The majority of our time was spent on rides, in shows, and in restaurants really. No complaining here!

But there was just something about knowing there WERE safe snacks to be found should we need them. 

Most notably, the safest packaged treats were the Enjoy Life products scattered throughout all the parks. Chocolate candy bars, sunbutter bars, cookies, and trail mix. Not all stores have all this stocked, it's hit and miss. And I literally checked about every shop possible. 

I'm also reading that there's a snack counter at Epcot's Sunshine Seasons that stocks Enjoy Life and Surf Sweets gummies. So bummed that I didn't know and look for this. Next time!

In addition, I took pictures of other treats that appeared to be safe for milk allergy although we didn't try them all. I just want to give our fellow milk allergy friends a starting point here. 

If you can verify in the comments on any of these, please do! Suckers, gummies, animal crackers, chocolate cookies, PEZ, rock candy...I tried not to photo anything processed in a plant with milk. But of course do your homework and read labels if you're there. 

If you are comfortable buying dairy-free treats that are NOT prepackaged, you can read about my friend Nina's Top 5 Favorite Disney Snacks. We personally did not try these items besides the chef-made waffles. It sounds like many food allergy families do enjoy these safely, though. You have to decide your own comfort level on this.

Be sure to read all labels for yourself as ingredients can change.




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