EASY Apple Cider Slushy {Dairy-Free}

Ok, you guys. Are you ready for this difficult recipe? Because let me tell you, it calls for one ingredient. 

I know, is it even legal to blog about a one ingredient recipe? I'm going to take my chances...because my kids thought I was awesome for making this two days in a row for them. 

Made popular by pumpkin patches all across the U.S. (maybe?), I bring to you the one-ingredient apple cider slushy. 

We are headed to a pumpkin patch tomorrow, and it always breaks my heart to tell the kids I'm not sure if the apple cider is safe. Dairy contamination? Who knows...we are very conservative about stuff like that.

So I decided to make some of our own slushies for the first time, before we head out to fall festivities tomorrow. And it worked, it totally worked. 

Seriously, just buy a gallon of safe apple cider. And pour a few glasses into plastic cups and freeze them for a few hours. Then dump the semi-frozen apple cider into your blender and blend it up into a slushy. If you let it freeze too long, it will need some liquid cider added to it. Even my Vitamix couldn't handle the cider 100% frozen without any liquid. You will get the feel for it, there are no measurements really. 

Just blend frozen apple cider, adding a little liquid apple cider as needed, until it starts churning like a real-life slushy machine. 

I didn't add water or ice-cubes as I figured who wanted a watered down slushy???

And there you have it. The one ingredient slushy perfect for this time of year. I know, it's revolutionary, really.

Leave a comment and let us know if there are other kinds of slushies we can make in our blender!  

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