Milk-Free Find ~ Coastal Bay Autumn Mix, Candy Corn, & Mellocream Pumpkins

Hey food allergy friends, pay attention because this is a big!

Big Deal #1 ~ Dairy-free candy corn.

Big Deal #2 ~ Dairy-free candy corn along with dairy-free autumn mix and pumpkin candies

Big Deal #3 ~ These candies are made in a facility that is free from milk, nut, peanut, and wheat!

Big Deal #4 ~ Coastal Bay candies are found at the Dollar Tree...for a DOLLAR!

Pinch me, this is too good to be true. :)

These do contain egg and soy. I know, I'm so sorry. Those with egg allergy but not soy may want to try Jelly Belly Candy Corn.  

I'm playing around with a few concoctions from trail mix to faux Paydays with these goodies. We will keep you apprised of all the developing goodies as they happen...if you are on our mailing list that is! So make sure you sign up below, we'd love to have you. 

Happy fall!

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