Some Inhalers Can Contain Lactose

Wow, I recently read this article a few days before a doctor almost put my son on a powder inhaler for croup...that contained milk.  After expressing my concerns, the doctor further checked the ingredients and found an alternative brand for my anaphylactic milk allergic son. Close call. 

Unfortunately, one of our readers did not have this information and reports her milk allergic son having a severe reaction to one of these powder steroid inhalers.  Neither the pediatrician nor the pharmacist caught the lactose ingredient even though his file was flagged with severe milk allergy alerts.  Thank goodness the child is now ok, but patients and doctors need to be aware of this!  Why is a top food allergen in an inhaler, anyways? 

Make sure you read this article, too, because you never know if a doctor might unknowingly prescribe these lactose inhalers for someone with a milk allergy.  My son only occasionally uses albuterol and I sure did not foresee him needing one of these questionable powder steroid inhalers, but he was.  Be prepared with this information if you have severe milk allergy.  

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