When Do Kids Outgrow Milk Allergies?

I found this article interesting over at Allergic Living.  "At What Age are You Less Likely to Outgrow Milk Allergy?".  

Ugh.  Miles's first reaction was anaphylactic at 8 months old, and we were told age 2-3 would be the magic age.  When age 3 passed, they told us by kindergarten he should be in the clear. As he turned 6, I finally gave up on wishful thinking.  And here we are 11 years into anaphylactic dairy allergy.  

Strict avoidance has been our action plan, but we are starting to explore new options.  You may want to join our email list below for all the updates.  The journey is coming soon!

In the meantime, hop on over to this article and see what you think.  They mention asthma, allergic rhinitis, and severe eczema and suggest regular testing.  At this point I'm pulling for the "late adolescence" benchmark and praying  for a cure, too.   

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