So Delicious Frozen Dessert with Vegan Peach Pie

When Evite® asked us to post this delicious peach pie recipe featuring So Delicious® Dairy Free (sponsored post), I had to say yes.  As it happens, a friend dropped off a big bag of fresh picked peaches just this week, and I was looking for something to do with them. 

This was the perfect recipe for us because not only do we often look for ways to cook fresh fruit, but it's also a vegan recipe that's free of milk and egg.  And grandpa is going to like that it's gluten-free for him, as well.  

Top this pie off with some creamy cashew milk or coconut frozen dessert by So Delicious® Dairy Free, one of our very favorite frozen desserts.  The thought of coupling together sweet, juicy peaches with smooth vanilla frozen dessert literally makes my mouth water.  

What a fantastic treat that will help extend summer happiness a little longer, don't you agree?

Visit Evite for this peach pie recipe and have a very "peachy" rest of your summer!    

Photo Credits: Evite®

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