Pesto & Tomato Bagel Bites {Dairy-Free & Nut-Free}

The other day our family devoured this delicious garden-inspired snack, pesto and tomato on crunchy bagel chips.  Refreshing and nutritious, we filled our bellies to the brim.  

Here's the deal, though.  With food allergies, this simple treat can actually be tricky to pull off.  First, you must find safe bagel chips.  Stacy's bagel chips are what we used.  And given that pesto is usually made with pine nuts, I had to find a go-around for our nut allergies as well.  What we did here was use sunflower seeds.  If your nut allergy is very severe, please watch for sunflower seed cross contamination with tree nuts.  

My son's nut allergy is anaphylactic, and we have not found a safe sunflower seed company besides the ones used in Enjoy Life Trail Mix.  So he actually skipped the pesto and simply ate tomatoes on bagel chips, and he was content with this. Another close option for our son is tomato and basil on chips.  

Even though my son avoided the pesto, I can rest assured that the rest of us are not eating nuts in the house when I make this pesto with sunflower seeds.

And I apologize in advance for non-specific measurements.  This is one of those easy "to-taste" mixtures so just have fun experimenting!

Fresh Basil Leaves
Sunflower Seeds
Olive Oil
Sea Salt
Cherry Tomatoes
Bagel Chips

Chop several fresh basil leaves into fine pieces with a chef's knife.  Put sunflower seeds into a baggie and smash them into small pieces with a meat tenderizer or rolling pin. Combine chopped basil and sunflower seeds in a bowl at about 1:1 ratio.  Add olive oil just until the mixture becomes a paste.  Add sea salt to taste.

Slice cherry tomatoes and top bagel chips with tomato slices and a dab of pesto.  A little pesto goes a long ways!

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Anonymous said...

There are safe sunflower seeds at hy-vee. They are with the nuts/seeds in a yellow bag. I forgot the name!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Thank you! I will look. :)