Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Supply Shopping

Hello Fellow CC Directors, 

I know most of you can relate, I have spent the entire day shopping for art and science supplies. A little from Light House, a little from Cornerstone, and 25 items in my Amazon cart.  I'm ordering late and really need items as soon as possible...hence most coming from Amazon in 2 days.  

Last year I know many of you found our CC supply post helpful so I have taken the time to post our purchases and links here again.  A disclosure, I am an Amazon affiliate for our work here at Milk Allergy Mom.  We get a small percentage when you purchase through our links to help with the costs of this blog.  It's no extra cost to you when you use our links...or you can go around the links if you choose.  

If you have any helpful tips about supplies for Cycle 2, we would love to hear in the comments! Thanks for stopping in.  


Blue Dry Erase Markers ~ Geography Maps
8 Ultra Fine Tip Dry Erase Markers ~ Maps & Essentials Charts
Vinyl Gloves ~ For Food Allergy Students (unsafe art supplies like chalk, playdough, clay, etc)
Scotch Tape ~ $1 a roll for 300 inches is a good price
Cordless Bissell Sweeper ~ the students can help!
Campus Bell ~ great for gathering the children
Shop Tickets ~ reusable lamination for maps, Essentials charts, and math games
Unscented Baby Wipes ~ for hand-washing & board cleaning

Modeling Clay ~ Week 2 Mirage
100 Balloons ~ Week 5 Expanding
6 Mini Water Bottles ~ Week 6 Attractive
Iron Filings ~ Week 6 Attractive
Stomp Rocket ~ Week 11 Rockets
100 Metal Washers ~ Week 12 Speedy
24 Metal Spoons ~ Week 13 Spoon Bell
3 Rolls Masking Tape ~ Week 16 Shape Up 
500 Rubber Bands ~ Weeks 20-24 Bridge & Eggs
Jumbo Craft Sticks ~ Week 22 & 23 Egg Crate
Black Card Stock ~ Solar System Model Week 8
tape 2 pieces together per student to get 22"

Chalk Pastels ~ 64 Pastels for Week 17
Watercolor Paper ~ For watercolor paint, tempura paint, and texture paint projects.  I cut them in half.  


Sunprint 5 x 7


Bar Magnets
41 Marbles
Tape Measure
500 Straws
40 Sun Print Sheets 5x7

Crayola Colored Pencils
Student Folders
Crayola Washable Markers


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