Bible Journaling on Project Life Cards

It's been a year and a half since I started making "my faith cards", and I can attest that God used this project to prepare and get me through probably the biggest tragedy of my life so far.  

In 2015, I went through the Jesus Calling devotion.  Most every day, I would jot down scripture and encouragement on Project Life Cards, and store them away in a little tin.  You can find photos of the cards on Instagram under #myfaithcards, and I really enjoyed this daily routine. As I went through the days, the theme of "peace through Jesus" really spoke to me.  I didn't know what this encouragement was specifically for, but I was very mindful of the lesson I was being taught.

Then in September 2015, my life changed forever.  We tragically lost my little sister, and despite months of turmoil...I had peace.  Peace I could not manufacture.  It was real and it held me together in some of the hardest moments any person could imagine facing.  Jesus truly does offer peace, "peace I bring you."  

Although the peace was there, my motivation and drive to make my little cards waned.  I could barely function for months, but I did stay in God's word...just not with the extra fluff.  

When 2016 arrived, I wanted to find my next devotion.  I picked up a $5 woman's devotion at the store and started that without making the faith cards.  However, it was a short-lived journey with that little devotion because one evening we left my sunroof open in a downpour, and it was ruined.  My Bible also got drenched, but I can't bring myself to replace that yet!

I was struggling with what devotion to move to next until one day I came across my old Oswald Chambers devotion from college.  PERFECT!  It was just what this classical home school mama needed.  I've read some people never stray from this devotion, they do it year after year.  Maybe I will be one of those!  There's just so many hard core lessons in there, and I love it.  Amazon has several versions of My Utmost for His Highest that make my heart pitter patter.  I'm going to have to save up for a nicer one AND a new Bible with crisp pages that aren't warped from rain.  

So here's my new set-up.  I found a little square basket lying around the house and put my Bible, devotion, faith cards tin, prayer journal, and pen into it.  I love to re-purpose organizational items around the house.  The "big stack" was making me crazy, and the little basket saved the day.  I love to see all my little books happily nestled into it.

It's been nearly a year since my sister passed away, and I'm relieved to finally have new life in my time with God.  

If you would like to, please join me on Instagram at milkallergymom and feel free to hashtag your own faith cards with #myfaithcards.  I would love to do this with friends.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment.  Thanks for stopping in today.

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AliWade said...

A great idea for combining bible journaling and the stash of Project Life cards that are sitting in my cupboard. Thank you for sharing

Jamie Kaufmann said...

You are very welcome! Join us with #myfaithcards hashtag on IG!