Adding Simple Doodles to Lettering or Cards

So friends, if you are starting to jump on the hand-lettering, brush marker bandwagon...I wanted to show you a simple little element that I've been adding.  That's doodling.  

But don't be fooled.  I am no artist.  I can't draw a thing without an image to copy.  However, sometimes I just feel the need for a little picture with my lettering.  There is no shame in perusing pinterest, Instagram, or Google images for a picture to copy.  And doodle means "not perfect".  Embrace the "wing it" look.  :)

Sometimes I draw a little watercolor picture using my brush markers, like the one shown above.  For this soft look, don't draw directly with your brush markers.  Instead, scribble some of your brush marker ink onto an old CD or plastic container.  That's your ink pallet. Then dip a wet paint brush into that pallet and draw with it.  You may need to apply marker ink to your pallet a few times as it's being used up.  

Or in this image, I simply drew a little birthday cake with a fine tip black marker like a Sharpie.  Again, find images online to copy.  It's not too hard at all when you add just a simple element like this.  

Hope this inspires you if you've been looking for ways to add images to your lettering or card-making!

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