Tips for a Food Allergy Safe Kitchen

Head over to Allergic Living for a helpful article about how to keep your kitchen food allergy safe.  

This is a topic we have talked about so much at Milk Allergy Mom. Some parents insist on having their homes allergy-free while some parents don't believe in keeping all allergens out.  

Honestly, our family has tried both extremes, and we have now fallen somewhere comfortably in the middle. We have very minimal dairy in our house, and the tips listed in this article are spot-on for how we have managed this balance over ten years.  

I would also mention that we have cleaned allergen messes in our kitchen successfully with e-cloth and water over the past three years. Cutting chemicals and bleach in our home was important to me, and we love sharing this amazing product with our friends.  

Leave a comment letting us know how you manage allergy safety in your kitchen.

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