Strawberry Shortcake {Dairy-Free}

Original Post:  4/27/13

There are very few occasions where I would choose a dessert that doesn't entail chocolate, but strawberry shortcake is one of those exceptions. Sweet strawberries and whipped cream are hard to pass up. Throw in a scrumptious biscuit, and it's irresistible. This has been a favorite dessert since childhood.

The first time I made strawberry shortcake dairy-free for my kids was magical. They loved it as much as I do, and carrying on the tradition was gratifying.

To easily make this dairy-free, I make the cakes with Bisquick using this recipe from Betty Crocker. Just use dairy-free milk of your choice in the recipe. Check Bisquick labels as ingredients can change at anytime.

And for whipped cream, you can make dairy-free whipped cream from canned coconut milk. I have found that Thai Kitchen canned coconut milk is the best for making this, and I get it for a great price on Amazon.

However, So Delicious now makes dairy-free Coco Whip in a tub. Looks just like and tastes amazingly close to Cool Whip! This is our new favorite shortcut. We hope you can try it!

While my mom used to juice clean fresh strawberries in lots of sugar, I prefer to skip the sugar for a nice, fresh dessert. How do you like your strawberries?

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