Organizing Spices in the Kitchen

For this week's organizing post, I'm going to share some of my tips for getting your spices under control.  And since I have tried a variety of systems, I can confidently say I have found the one that works the best for me.  Maybe you will like this idea, too.

As you can see, I have settled on a shallow kitchen drawer for storing my spices.  And the reasons are many:
  • The jars are well lit in the kitchen light and easy to find
  • The labels and colors are quickly readable
  • There's easy access next to my stove

I have a bonus tip here:  glass, squared jars are the best!  I just like glass better than plastic just because I'm a little crunchy and squared jars won't roll, keeping your labels facing forward.  I'm still in the process of getting all glass square jars.  

Systems that I have tried and did not like include a tiered rack in a dark cabinet, hard-to-open magnetized containers stuck to the refrigerator, magnetized containers close to the stove where heat affected the spices, and a spinning spice rack that took up too much counter space.  

Some spices I make from scratch like taco seasoning, chicken rub, and Italian seasoning, and I put those in repurposed spice jars with chalk labels.

We often get asked our favorite safe spice brands and Simply Organic is one of my favorites because it's organic, with squared glass jars, and can be bought online.  Check labels, of course.  And call the company for food allergen info if need be.  

I hope these tips were helpful.  Next week we will continue organizing in the kitchen!

Let us know if you have more ideas for keeping cooking spices tidy.   

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