Organizing Food Storage Containers

And I'm back with another weekly organizing tip.  Thanks for all the kind feedback about our spice organizing ideas.  This week we are going to stay in the kitchen and talk about those pesky food storage containers.  You know: Tupperware, the daily plastic avalanche, and of course re-purposed butter tubs with missing lids.  

Several years ago I had had enough with the fiasco known as "the tupperware cabinet".  So I implemented the system you see shown and it has lasted a good six glorious years.  

Here are my best tips for organizing food storage containers:
1.  Designate one area, cabinet, or drawer for food storage containers
2.  Mom, do no include mixing bowls in this area
3.  Get rid of cottage cheese and butter tubs (except for giving food to friends)
4.  Put less used storage in the back, along with your friends' butter tubs
5.  Purchase some nice glass and/or BPA-free plastic containers and get a fresh start
6.  Corral lids in a see-through basket from the dollar store.  Life-saver!
7.  It also works to put storage lids under light containers, like with Bento Lunch Boxes

Leftovers and food storage are a huge part of food allergy life so getting control over this area of my kitchen was top priority.  It was a small expense to get the right containers for our family, and to throw out all the re-used plastic.  But I have some peace of mind with my newer BPA-free products and am pleased that my little system has lasted so many years.  I don't miss my tupperware avalanches one single bit.  You won't either.  Hope these tips help!

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healthylivingtipsforyou said...

Going BPA free is always better.

Mark Sindone said...

I personally would put all the plastic containers in my home into recycling rather than keeping them in storage at home. But then again, I hardly cook at home, so I wouldn't really have need for containers for leftovers at the end of the day either…