General Cleaning with Toxin-Free E-Cloth

Friends don't let friends clean with chemicals. 

And since you are our friends, I keep sharing about non-toxic cleaning because it's made a huge difference in our own home over the past 3.5 years. 

Not only do we sanitize surfaces all over our home with General Purpose e-cloths, but we also dust, sanitize hands, and clean windows with them (follow up with a Glass Polishing Cloth).  

And I say "we" because now my kids can safely help and my hubby cheerfully joins in as well. E-cloth cleaning is also safe for pets although I'm not sure they would be able to help. ;)

Did you know the EPA has ranked indoor air pollution as one of the top five risks to public health? Chemical cleaners are a major contributor as they release carbon-based gases that can linger in the air for days to weeks.   

Here is how high quality microfiber works. A damp cloth picks up bacteria and most likely food allergens as well. Then when you rinse the cloth out, more than 99% of those particles are flushed out of the cloth. Hanging the cloth to dry after rinsing further takes care of any minute remainder of bacteria. A non-smelly cloth that can be reused for a week, when rinsed and hung to dry after uses, is proof that bacteria is not lingering in the cloths.  

As for allergy clean-up, we do have milk and nuts in our home, and I have not used bleach or surface cleaners in my kitchen for over 3 years. It is our belief that e-cloths pick up microscopic food proteins like they do bacteria although this has not been proven in a lab like bacteria pick-up has been.  

Common sense. If I use an e-cloth on a high-bacteria area like the floor, toilet, or raw meat...I throw it in the wash. And if I clean up a high-food allergen area, the cloth also goes into the washing machine.

But for everyday use like counter crumbs, stove messes, water around the sink, door handles, light switches...I really do have cloths last a week between washings. This saves on so much laundry over time, and I have fewer e-cloths in rotation than I did cotton rags.

E-cloth began in Europe in 1995 and has a 20-year track record with several features and endorsements. The General Purpose Cloths were even chosen by Real Simple Magazine as the best overall microfiber.   

If you still aren't convinced, we offer free shipping on any size order and have a 100% guarantee. Packaging includes cleaning instructions, the cloths include a labeled tag for hanging, and the General Purpose Cloths come in a variety of colors for your convenience. And here are some testimonials:

"I used my ecloth for the first time last weekend. I was really impressed with how it handled my coffee pot stains and bath tub! I have an old enamel tub and I could actually feel the cloth sucking up the soap scum! I love how everything is washable too."  Emily S.

"E-CLOTHSSSSSS!!! Oh my gosh I was skeptical who wouldn't be but I am a neat freak and now am addicted."  Deedra

"OK, I was so skeptical about these as I've never heard of a product that can clean so well without any chemicals. But after I cleaned one window I was hooked! I cleaned every window in my house in less than an hour. I waited until the next day to see if they were really clean and there were no streaks whatsoever. I am a tough critic on gadgets but this product is worth every penny. I can't wait to try the mop! I highly recommend them especially if you want to avoid toxic chemicals around kids." Cindy

There is a variety of offerings for the General Purpose e-cloths in our online store. We hope you will check them out because we consider you friends, and know e-cloth can make your home safer. Let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help.

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