Fractionated Coconut Oil {Organic & Affordable}

We often get asked if we use essential oils and what brand.  Yes we do, but we aren't 100% brand loyal.  I have friends who sell Do Terra so I often find myself purchasing that brand.  

But it's the fractionated coconut oil for diluting I most like to share about.  We get it at a "fraction" of the price (pun intended) by purchasing an organic brand on Amazon.  

For around $16, you can get organic, colorless, truly odorless fractionated coconut oil in a convenient pump bottle and sometimes with bonus items like a funnel and spray bottle!  This last for a long time, and I have purchased multiple bottles over the years.  Save your empty pump bottles!

I would call myself a moderate essential oils user.  After some research, I've decided to minimize ingesting and mostly use topically.  Also to be safe, I always dilute oils for my children and most always dilute them for me.  

From a food allergy standpoint, my sons on occasion will complain of a tummy ache and we will quickly apply peppermint oil diluted in coconut oil.  Nearly always, they will have no further complaints and that gives me peace of mind as a food allergy parent hoping it's not a reaction coming on.  

For sinus issues, we love to breathe the sinus bomb which entails peppermint, lemon, and oregano oils dropped into a cup with boiling water poured over them.  Breathing in the steam knocks most sinus problems for us, and we went a few years with no antibiotics in our house as a result!  That was a miracle.  

I use lavender for calming my nerves, melaleuca for acne, lemongrass for inflammation, clary sage for monthly cramps, frankincense for headaches, breathe for asthma, on guard for impending illness, and lime and orange for diffusing a happy aroma.  

If you don't have a Do Terra rep to order from, just let me know and I can help.  I don't sell them myself, but I know lovely knowledgeable ladies who do.  

Be sure to check out fractionated coconut oil on Amazon and save money so you can afford more essential oils.  :)  Use coconut oil as a dilution oil, a message oil, a skin moisturizer, and so much more.

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