Chocolate Pudding Dirt Cups {Dairy-Free}

Chocolate pudding, Oreos, and Surf Sweets Gummy Worms in a cup. What's not to love about this adorable layered treat known as "dirt cups"? And yep, they can be made dairy-free. 

The kids will think you are Super Mom for this one.  

Simply make up a batch of dairy-free chocolate pudding on the stove.  

Then crush some Oreos in a baggie with a meat tenderizer or rolling pin. There's your "dirt".  

Fill clear punch cups half full with cooled pudding and top with crushed Oreos.  

Finish these off with all-natural Surf Sweets gummy worms. Free of the top 8 allergens. No artificial color or flavor. So yummy!

Store in refrigerator until eaten and enjoy watching your kids beam with delight.

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Original Post 6/13/15


June K said...

OK, Jamie these really look REAL. I can just see my husband's face when he opens the fridge. LOL.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Ha, ha, June! :) I hope your little ploy works!

Nicole SanMiguel said...

Awesome this is a must try! Recently i just found out my 6 year old son is allergic to milk i have been searching for some ideas.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Oh good, Nicole. Hope this works well for you.