Back-To-School Sales This Week

It's that time of the week again, time to highlight my favorite back-to-school deals on school supplies.  

Graham and I hit Office Depot today and spent exactly the $5 requirement to get the one penny deals.  In the photo above, our $5 was on:

$1 for 12 Ticonderoga Pencils = $3
50 cents for clear rulers = $1
$1 for zipper pouches = $1

Then we got the Elmer's glue and erasers for one penny each!  Limit 3.  Our total bill was under $6 for the 12 items.  

The same sales can be had at Office Max because well, Office Max and Office Depot are kind of the same store now with the same ads.  My town has both, and I now affectionately refer to them as "Office Depot Max".  

It also looks like Staples has some great bargains this week.  

I will be grabbing some of the 25 cent cap erasers and the 50 cent Paper Mate mechanical pencils.  Those are my favorite mechanical pencils since high school.    

In addition, Staples has some fantastic marker sales this week.
Sharpie Highlighters $2 for 5.  
I get these for our CC Essentials Class.

24 Sharpies for just $10.  Say what?!
I love this assortment of colors and use them to make color-coded flash cards.  

Expo 8-Pack Fine Tip Dry Erase Markers $5!!!
These are my favorite to use at home on our white board.

Expo Dry Erase Set $5!
This is a deal for CC tutors to snag up.

Over the years I have definitely found my favorite brands and qualities in school supplies.  All the items listed here meet my expectations for quality and bargain pricing.  Have fun shopping and be sure to stop by next week for more school deal highlights!

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