Our Favorite Natural Foods at Aldi

I know many are often intrigued by the low prices at Aldi, and now the organic and natural offerings are icing on the cake!

Many of the natural foods have been safe for our milk and nut allergies, and I thought I'd point them out since we often get asked.

Prices on these products are amazing, too. From 79 cents for organic canned beans to just $4.99 for 14 ounces of organic coconut oil, we save a ton of money shopping at Aldi. 

Here's a disclaimer, though. My son did have a milk reaction to Aldi brand pretzels, and we since have learned that not all the companies producing foods for Aldi label shared facility or shared production line information. For that reason, we are very careful about what processed foods we buy there. Make sure you check labels and contact Aldi with any questions you need answered.  

Aldi produce and these natural products are becoming staples in our home, though. Check labels yourself, and I hope this helps!

Our Favorite Aldi Natural Foods
Simply Nature Organic Diced Tomatoes
Simply Nature Organic Coconut Oil
Simply Nature Organic Salsa
Simply Nature Organic Black Beans
Simply Nature Unsweetened Applesauce
Simply Nature Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
Simply Nature Organic Honey
Simply Nature Organic Pinto Beans
Simply Nature Organic Ketchup
Live G-Free Coco Loco Bars
Simply Nature Organic Marinara Sauce
Live G-Free Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies

Please comment with any other natural processed foods you buy at Aldi. I would love more things to look for.  

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