New Home Organizing Tips!

If you are looking for some simple tips on how to get all the "stuff" in your house organized, be sure to stick around for upcoming home organization posts here at Milk Allergy Mom.  

I recently took the time to do some sorting and systematizing in our own home because it was in desperate need.  And I took some photos and jotted down some notes to share about the process because so often I hear from friends who are overwhelmed by their own clutter. We hope these posts will help and inspire you. 

Our organizational tips will all be filed under our Organization Tab at the top of the blog, and you can subscribe to any of our email lists below to get our posts right to your email inbox each Friday.  The plan is to post about once a week so you have time to implement our various strategies.

If you have any specific questions or something you would like us to specifically cover about home organizing, please leave a comment.  We will try our best to help!   


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