Mini Fruit & Veggie Kabobs ~ A Rainbow!

Today while making lunch, I cleaned a bunch of produce we bought at Aldi.  And I commented to the boys about how colorful all the fruits and veggies were.  Then we started looking for colors of the rainbow, and Graham had the grand idea to make "mini kabobs". His words.  And what a perfect idea when you only have toothpicks on hand!

The boys proceeded to build these beautiful mini kabobs with a rainbow of vibrant, edible colors.  No artificial dyes.  ;)  

cherry tomato
orange pepper
yellow pepper
green lettuce
purple grape

As you can guess, even my pickiest little eater gobbled these down.  They were absolutely adorable and the perfect size for children.  

This would make a great summertime activity.  Have your kiddos pick out a rainbow of colorful fruits and veggies at the store.  Then come home and let them help wash, cut, and assemble.  What kid would turn their nose up at a rainbow for a snack?  

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