Milk-Free Find ~ Philly Swirl

As a food allergy parent, have you grown to hate hearing the ice-cream truck roll down your street?  Even if we could find a safe product in there, my son would just be sad about all the other products he COULDN'T have...maybe this is a tween thing?  

Anyways, it's just not worth it for us.  

So when Philly Swirl asked us to try their new flavors for the summer, I had to say yes!  We loved their fun offerings before, and these intrigued me even more because one box is even organic with no artificial flavor or colors.  I can totally get on board with that.  

And look at all the fun swirls and colors...looks better than the ice cream truck to me.  

We got to try the new Lemonade Swirls, Icee Mix it Up Swirls, and Organic Jungle Swirls.  My kids can't pick a favorite, they love them all.  And they would have eaten them daily if I had let them.  Of course as a mom, I'm going to pick the organic, natural variety as the winner just based on principle.   

The packaging on all three boxes notes "gluten free, peanut free, dairy free, and no HFCS". They also state on the box, "Manufactured in a peanut free facility."

You can head over to the Philly Swirl website for further information on where to purchase and ingredient information. 

Stock your freezer so the next time the ice cream truck comes by, you are ready!


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