Dairy-Free Specialty Foods ~ Our Favorite

When the health food store offers 20% off your entire purchase, you may go a little crazy. I'm justified in this, right?

Here we loaded up on tons of our favorite dairy-free specialty foods.

Tofurky, Applegate, Daiya, Earth Balance, Kevita, So Delicious, Tofutti, Spry, Enjoy Life, and Yum Earth.  

Frozen convenient foods like pockets, pizzas, and sausage.  Cheeses both shredded and squares. Chocolate chips and chocolate bars.  Gum and gummy candy.  Peanut butter pouches.  Probiotic drink and egg replacer flax/chia.  Butter sticks.  

And a tub of whip cream.  I mean, priorities, right people?  

There are a ton more of our favorites still sitting at the store because I do know my limit.  We will have to pick up some of those items another day and share those later.  

Thanks to vegan companies, food allergy families like us are in a much better place than we were 10 years ago when I first started this journey.  And we are thankful my son gets to enjoy a plethora of safe foods...even if he never eats in restaurants.  

If you have a question on any of this, just leave a comment and we will try to help.  


K said...

Have you tried Chao cheese? My son has dairy, egg, nut allergies but my 1 year old daughter has PKU and a dairy allergy so I have to do little to no protein in foods for her plus avoid milk. It's quite the challenge! Anyway, our metabolic clinic offered a grocery store tour at Whole Foods and we sampled a bunch of stuff. I hadn't found a dairy free cheese I liked until now (my son will eat several) but the Chao cheese is his new favorite for sandwiches and grilled cheese. It melts better than Daiya. I've been finding it at Walmart near the bagged lettuce for $3.xx vs $7.xx at Whole Foods!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

K, I haven't tried this! Thanks for the tip!