A Food Allergy Safe Backyard Water Party!

Original Post 7/19/12

Welcome to Milk Allergy Mom! I never dreamed this would be one of our posts to go viral, but it's been a pleasure sharing this special day with so many of you. Thank you for stopping in! 

When our first son turned we five, we invited several families to the park for a treasure hunt party and it was a great time had by all. So for our second son's big #5, the pressure was on to host another spectacular get-together.

Knowing we would be dealing with some major heat in July, we decided to invite friends over for a WATER party in our own backyard. With enough water we would stay cool enough, right?!

And that we did. The kids had so much fun that they didn't even complain about the heat and actually begged to stay longer. Although, I do think the mamas were getting a little hot. Temps reached near 100 that day! Maybe we need squirt bottles next time so the moms can keep cooler. Thank goodness for a shade tree where we congregated in our comfy chairs while the kids ran around crazy.  

An incredible tidbit about this event? It cost me just at $50 to host 10 children and their moms. I was tickled that it was the same success as big brother's fifth birthday, and on the same shoestring budget. 

Here are some features from the big day, all fit into a 2-hour celebration. That was just about enough for the moms sitting in the heat. The kids, however, would have played much longer.

Not that we were inside much, but I displayed pictures through the years along with a little banner.

All the children got a pair of goggles with their names on them (Sharpie) because I read that these were good for the next thing I will show you.

The shaving cream pool!  I bought 4 cans for 8 kids, but we could have used a couple more cans. The kids absolutely loved this and covered themselves over and over.  

Then they would clean off in the sprinkler.

Or on the slip-n-slide.

There was bubble blowing.

And the children finger painted on a roll of art paper attached to a fence.

We also filled water balloons...

for a water balloon toss game...

and a water balloon "fight".

Watermelon wedges, finger PBJ's, and Lay's chips were served for snacks.

Use sunflower seed butter if there are peanut allergies to consider.

And remember to clean watermelon before cutting.

Colored kool-aid ice cubes in Sprite totally impressed the kids.

Delicious, allergy-free cupcake cones decorated as light blue water with 
gummy lifesaver "floaties" were a huge hit.  

Kids always love cake in a cone, and we didn't need a single utensil for this party!

Thoughtful gifts from family and friends were opened outside.

And my personal favorite, the water balloon pinatas, made for a bright, cheery decoration.

We broke the pinatas last as the grand finale.  Of course the kiddos were so excited for this!

Since the pinatas weren't actually filled with candy, we handed out allergy-friendly Swedish fish as the little guests left. They also got to take their goggles home.

It was a fantastic day. My birthday boy's favorite was the water balloons and my food allergy son's favorite was all the safe food.

A big thank-you to All You Magazine and Buzz Feed for featuring our fun activities from this day.

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RachelD said...

What a fun party! Happy Birthday, Graham!

Theresa said...

FUN IDEAS!! It makes me wish we had a summer bday. Maybe we need to throw a 1/2 bday party just to have some summer fun!

Happy Bday Graham!

Abby M said...

This is fabulous! I hadn't seen this post until right now but we've been planning a similar party for my son's 4th birthday this Saturday. I'm totally going to do the water balloon pinatas, that's so smart!! You threw a great looking party!

Anonymous said...

What goodies are in the pinatas?

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Anonymous...the pinatas were filled with water. :)

Jamie Rowe said...

Saw the water balloon pinatas on Pinterest. So cute!!! Both my little ones have summer birthdays so i am definitely using this idea.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Thanks, Jamie! Aw, have happy birthdays this summer. :)

Jen P said...

Great ideas, thanks!!

Unknown said...

What is ballon toss pls?

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Balloon toss is where the kids pair up and pass a balloon back and forth. Whomever it breaks on is out. Then the winners are pair up again and again whomever the balloon breaks on while tossing back and forth, those kids are out. Until one pair is left and one winner is left. Sometimes we start really close and move the kiddos apart with each pass. :) Hope that helps.

Lynda said...

Thank you so much your article was the first and only one I looked at and there's no need to look at others you gave me all the ideas I needed for an end of the school year/Birthday party. Awesome,Awesome,Awesome

Jamie Kaufmann said...

You are very welcome, Lynda! :)

Iris Marquis said...

This is so great! My daughter has her 4th birthday coming up in August. Thank you for all the great ideas!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Iris, you are very welcome. Happy summer birthday!