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If you purchase your first Erin Condren planner through my referral link in this post, you will not only save $10 but I will invite you into a private FB group where we will set up our planners together and walk through 30 days to good planner habits! You won't want to miss it!

Purchase your planner anytime in January, and EC will automatically send me your email so I can invite you to the FB group. The group will be open until March 1, but you'll want to order asap because these custom planners can take awhile to arrive. 

And since some are asking, if you already had your EC planner but want more info about this course, just email me at info at milk allergy mom dot com. I'd be happy to fill you in. 

Hope to you lots of you in class!

Hello Planner Pals! I'm thrilled to be sharing the new 2017 Erin Condren Planner with you today. WOOHOO! If you'd like to see it up close and personal as I compare it to the 2016 planner, here is my latest video tour.  

There are many new features this year that I quickly loved. The watercolor theme is beautiful, and I really like that the monthly sections are monochromatic with different shades of one color. It's also really nice that the clear pouch is loose from the planner but can still be added into the planner if you use the free adhesive coil that came with it. This way when 2017 is over, you can take the pouch out and use it for something else. The two new wet erase sections on the inside of the covers are also fantastic. I think I will need the wet/dry erase markers for this.  

Many things stayed the same, as well. Thankfully the acrylic ruler was again included in the price this year. I like to detach it and put it in my pocket to mark my budget lines each month. See my video for details on what I mean. I'm also grateful that the daily section headings are still blank so I can customize them myself along with several other blank headings through out the planner. In addition, there is still extra space at the bottom of each day where I can menu plan without taking one of my three daily sections.

Some things that I wish had stayed the same from 2016? I wish the personalization was still free on the front cover. Now it's $5 more. I also wish the 2 pockets were made the same.They are super cute, but I hope they hold up as well as my current planner pockets. Time will tell.

With the bare minimums, an Erin Condren Life Planner will run about $50 shipped this year. That entails one of the 40+ standard designs, a platinum coil, and no personization on the cover. Shipping runs about $10, but new customers using our referral code get $10 off. 

Is the planner worth $50? I say yes.  

One, it is super sturdy. I use mine daily and it needs to hold up to the constant use.  

Two, there are so many beautiful designs and layouts. You can pick the one that best suits you.

Three, there are so many blank pages to customize, and I have personally used these pages to streamline our home budget. The money I have saved by getting our budget on paper has saved me the cost of this planner and hundreds more! 

Four, this planner has space enough to organize many parts of my life, not just my schedule. I include meal planning, blogging plans, life goals, budgets, and much more in my planner. This has saved money and sanity.  

Five, this is a great crafty outlet. You don't have to be uber-crafty with your planner, but you can be if you want. It's a great little hobby if you are looking for a way to play with markers, paper, stickers, washi tape, etc. in a confined little space. Check out Instagram & Pinterest!

Six, all the freebies that come with this planner are happy bonuses. Not many companies spoil us like that.  

And seven, I am now offering a free 30-Day Facebook Course for those who purchase their planner through my referral link! 30 Days to Good Planner Habits. I will help make sure you actually use this planner to it's fullest capacity. 

Free Stickers 

Here's what came with my planner:
3 Calling Cards
Large Sticker
Post Card
Sampler Sticker Book
Clear Pouch
Acrylic Ruler
Long Coil Clip
Perpetual Calendar

Planner Features:
Heavy-duty coil
Laminated covers front and back
Laminated tabs
Covers two-sided
2 wet-erase pages
2 pockets
2016/2017 at-a-glance
Goals layout
Inspiration pages throughout
Note page for each month
Blank note pages
Blank grid pages
Blank pages
2018 at-a-glance

Planner Options:
Horizontal Days
Vertical Days
Hourly Days
4 Coil Colors
12-Month or 18-Month
Personalized Cover Option
Colorful pages or neutral pages
Tons of cover options
and more! 

You can see my 2017 Erin Condren Video Tour at the link below. Hope this helps!

Original Post 6/30/16

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