Spring Cleaning is Good For Allergy Sufferers

According to these articles, spring cleaning can help tremendously with many different kinds of allergies:  roach, dust, dander, pollen, mold, chemicals, and more.   

U-T San Diego

Everyday Health

And here are several products sold in our e-cloth store at Milk Allergy Mom that can help with your spring cleaning and allergy needs.  Don't forget, we ship for free!

E-Cloth Products for Allergy Sufferers

Window Cleaning Pack - No chemicals needed.  Use just water.  Safe for chemical allergies.
General Purpose Cloth - For cleaning kitchen & roach allergies.
Deep Clean Microfiber Mop Bundle - For cleaning kitchen & roach allergies.
Flexible Dusting Wand - For dust allergies.
High Performance Dusting Cloth - For dust allergies.
Bathroom Cloth - For mold allergies.
Universal Stone Cleansing Paste - For mold allergies.
e-pet Cleaning Supplies - For pet dander allergies.

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Rosalie Walton said...

Great article. I have this window cleaning pack! It is really easy to clean with it. My daughter has an allergy and regular cleaning is something really important. I am glad that I have found your article! Best regards!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Thanks for sharing, Rosalie!

Garima said...