Regulating Epinephrine EpiPen Temperatures

Original Post 5.20.13

Did you know that epi-pen instructions are to keep the epinephrine at 77 degrees? The package says, "Excursions permitted 59-86 degrees" and "protect from light".

Honestly, for years I kept EpiPens in my purse in an un-insulated case. We always have the epis with us, but we had them out in summer heat and winter cold without giving the temperature much thought.  

After seven years, we finally discovered this important bit of information and starting carrying our epinephrine more carefully.

During the summer, epinephrine injectors can be layered in insulated pouches. I even layer with indirect ice packs when we are in high heat for extended time: ball games, zoo, the pool, hiking, etc.

During the winter, epinephrine should do well in an insulated pouch or maybe two.

During both summer and winter, we don't want to leave the medication in the car with extreme temperatures. We always take it inside the house.

I especially like insulated pouches that can be tucked into other bags like my purse, swim bags, picnic bags, snack bags, vacation bags, sports bags, etc. And handwritten labels sealed with packing tape are a great way for anyone to find them easily.

For more information about epinephrine temperature control, read this recent study at Kids with Food Allergies.

Please leave a comment and let us know how you carry your epinephrine. What's your favorite case?

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