Trail Mix in Ice Cream Cones {Dairy-Free}

So most every afternoons, like at 3pm, my kids ask to make trail mix. I don't know where this started. But it's been going on for years.  

And since I don't have to make it for them, I inevitably concede. 

The boys raid the pantry and usually mix together some organic cereal, raisins, and mini chocolate chips. Sometimes we have mini marshmallows or coconut flakes

But on this particular day, the kids thought to put their trail mix in an ice cream cone. Isn't that the sweetest? We had to take a pic and share this cute idea with you.  

Now tell me. Are your kiddos also obsessed with trail mix? I sure wish we could add healthy nuts but can't because of allergies. 

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Helen said...

Yes :) I would make him almonds, raisins, chocolate chips. Except he no longer eats raisins lol

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Yum, Helen! Wish we could do almonds still. :(

Jamie Kaufmann said...
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