Easy Lettering With Markers

Write in black using your own handwriting & then go over it in brush markers.

If you aren't quite sure about jumping into hand-lettering, but want to try something simple...you may like to try this easy technique.  Here I just hand-write something in black marker and then go over it in my brush markers.  

Use this as a chance to play around with your lettering.  And use it as an opportunity to get a feel for your markers.  I like to use the sides of my brush markers in this technique so that it's a nice wide stroke.  If you don't have brush markers, feel free to pull out your Crayola's or whatever you have on hand.  

You will want to use a permanent black ultra fine tip marker, otherwise watercolor black will bleed when the color goes over it.  

If you are wondering about the notebook, it's a Grid Rhodia Wirebound.  The paper is very smooth, and easy to write on.  Perfect for practice.  

Assignment:  Hand-letter in fine black, permanent marker.  And then go over it in colored brush markers.  So easy, even your kids can do this!

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