Buying Check List for Kid Budgets

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Everyone wants to teach their children wise money management, right?  I love talking to my kids about budgets, giving, saving, and smart buying.  But I was noticing that my boys needed something tangible when it comes to "when to buy and when not to buy".  

So together we created a checklist that would give us some discussion points and things to consider before they spend their hard earned money. Because of this little pocket printable, we are already seeing big changes in how our whole family approaches spending.

We have not created any system for using this checklist.  You and your family can determine what points are most important to you, how many points have to be checked before a purchase, your non-negotiable points if any, etc. Our printable is just to get the discussion going on what children might want to consider before buying.  Hopefully this little resource will spark some beneficial parent/child discussions as we all strive to be the best teacher to our kids.  

There are four checklists per page.  After you print, cut out each checklist.  They will then be small enough to fold into a pocket or wallet for your next shopping excursion.

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