Brush Lettering ~ Broad & Fine Strokes

Practice fine and broad strokes in your own handwriting.

Hello Friends.  Today I wanted to give quick tips for how to start brush lettering with your Stampin' Up! or Tombow Markers.  These techniques can even be done with Crayola Markers if you're in a pinch.  

The key to brush lettering or calligraphy is differentiating and practicing your fine lines versus your broad lines.  Fine lines are done gently with the tip of your marker.  Broad lines are done with the sides of the marker tip.   

Play around with both lined notebook paper and blank copy paper when practicing strokes and alphabets.  Either is fine.

I found that practicing strokes using my own handwriting was the easiest way to get started. 

You can search online for video tutorials on exactly how to make these strokes. And I can tell you that if you aren't used to using brush markers in this way, there is a learning curve. Holding my brush markers straight up and lightly making a find stroke with the tip was very foreign.  But it can be done with practice, and it won't break down your tips if you are gentle. 

Getting out my rainbow of colors is also a fun way to practice my strokes in my own handwriting.  Above I came up with a simple uppercase print alphabet and below I used my own cursive for some lowercase practice.  

Thank you for all the feedback lately letting me know that you would like some simple tips on how to get started with brush lettering.  I am by no means an expert, just a self-learning marker-holic.  But in the classical world, we say you can learn anything at any age.  Loving to learn is the only criteria.  Let us know if pull out your markers and give this a try.  

ASSIGNMENT:  Practice broad and fine strokes in your own handwriting.  Use your print and/or cursive.  Use lined paper or copy paper.  

If you are on Instagram playing along, please tag me @milkallergymom so I can see!  I am also starting a hashtag of #MAMlettering that you can use.  

Have a great day!

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