Milk-Free Find ~ Nature's Bakery Fig Bars

Fantastic folks at our Facebook page tipped us off to these dairy-free Fig Bars by Nature's Bakery recently, and we couldn't resist picking up several flavors to try.

Our gluten-free friends will be happy to know that some varieties are safe for them, specially marked, "gluten-free".  

I'm relieved to find these just in time for spring outings like soccer and park days because they are easy to pack and are quite filling for my boys.  

We thought these tasted a lot like Kashi cereal bars, but they are marked GMO-free and there are many more flavors by Nature's Bakery so that's a big win.  

Not to mention that Nature's Bakery is now making dairy-free Brownie Bars and you KNOW we are trying these next.  Ordered them today.

We hope you can give these a try!

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